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Web site: www.ovci.org
Email: ovci@pl.lnf.it

OVCI is a  Voluntary Organism for International Cooperation born in 1982 from “La Nostra Famiglia” and the friends’ group of  Father Luigi Monza. The goals of OVCI are:

•  To  develop human, social and health promotion through specific projects;
•  To improve the knowledge and autonomy of citizens (especially the disabled ones) in developing countries;
•  To drive the people to be aware about the problems of human being especially the ones of the people who lives in developing countries.

OVCI is present with many projects in different countries: North Sudan (Khartoum), South Sudan (Juba), Brazil (Santana), Ecuador (Esmeraldas), Morocco (Rabat), Asia.
Again, OVCI works in Italy in many activities of information and animation about developing countries and found raising.
Since 10 years OVCI organizes formation courses for young volunteers who are interested in experiences of international voluntary. Its activity is also for all the people (young and grown-up) who are interested in development, international cooperation, human rights.

Place of meeting: “La Nostra Famiglia”