Little apostles of Charity – Women

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Charisma and Mission

Little Apostles of Charity follow Jesus for vocation to be everywhere “like the Apostles with the practical charity of first Christians”(Blessed Luigi Monza).

Their apostolic horizon is therefore the world. The purpose of their life is to give themselves to others and “to bring the charity until the utmost boundaries of the earth”.

Their style of life is the one of the grain in the Gospel which “dies to give life”. The climate in which they live is the joy because their secret is prayer.

Little Apostles of Charity live in community or in their families; they work mainly in the activities of “La Nostra Famiglia” in which they take care of disabled people especially children.

Little Apostles of Charity work also in the fields of factories, schools, hospitals, offices or in politics, according to their profession.

Their attention and care are especially towards families and youth. They work with the local Church.

They are present in Italy and abroad: Brazil, Ecuador, Sudan through an Organism for International Cooperation named “OVCI La Nostra Famiglia”.