A Espiritualidade

Blessed Luigi Monza

The message of blessed Luigi Monza

Father Luigi Monza perceived Christians in today’s society as witnesses and living presences of love in everyday life.

He reached this profound intuition looking at the secularization process in which a society based on values was being replaced by a hard competitive society no longer respecting the man and his essence, but only appreciating him as a rough catcher and a winner.

His message is extremely up-to-date and asks the Christian not to run away from the “new paganism” but rather to share – in the name of charity – mankind life “penetrating” our society “with the same spirit of the Apostles, to relish the spirituality of the Gospel of the Lord and enjoy altogether the happiness to live as brothers in Christ”.

Father Luigi’s message is for us all, men and women, called to live our lives in our own families or in consecration, in our professions, duties and in our spare time …. telling the words to accompany us every day.

All his teaching turns on this: charity pushes us to take care of our brother and the human community; it becomes explicit in all our interpersonal relationships and projects us in missionary and evangelization activities. This is the heart of our living together and helps us to build a new model of society ruled by the law of love.

Our ideal is the early Christian community, living one in heart and soul, where charity was the dimension to live close to one another in the way Christ had told us and committed to announce his Gospel.

Christians find the meaning and strength for an intense life of action and hope through a personal and profound relationship with God and an unceasing prayer experience.

The blessed Luigi Monza invites us all, today as he did in the past, saying : ”Tell this world of today, morally devastated, with the examples of your lives: look how marvelous it is to live in one another’s love”.