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Endless words for daily life in the III° century

Father Luigi didn’t write his spirituality in a well organized way but witnessed it with the holiness of his life. Charity was so visible in his being and doing that affected others. His writings are: notes of sermons, lessons to parish people and Little Apostles of Charity, notes of retreats, letters, first notes for the Secular Institute Constitutions.


  • Father Louis is talking to us

    Passages, thinkings to the closest persons. Preface of His Excellency, Mgr. Teresio Ferraroni, Bishop of Como “La Nostra Famiglia” Ponte Lambro (Co) 1973      

  • A life proposal

    by Father Louis Monza Edition “La Nostra Famiglia” Ponte Lambro (Co) 1976


  • His life and works

    by Luigi Mezzadri Translated by Carmen Rigamonti edition “La Nostra Famiglia” Ponte Lambro (Co) 1979, II edizione 2006

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